Savannah Cummins

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Savannah Cummins

World class climber, photographer, story-teller, and friend.

39.1031° N, 84.512° W

About Savannah

If there’s one thing to know about Savannah Cummins, it’s that she refuses to be constrained by boundaries, stereotypes, or expectations. She is simultaneously a world class climber, photographer, story-teller, and friend. She’s exactly the type of person we created The James Brand to serve and represent, and we’re thrilled to have worked with her in developing the Redstone— our new ultra-light backing knife— and to introduce her as the newest member of the team.

We all know that even the best laid plans are bound to shift, sometimes in ways we can never expect. It’s more how you adapt to change that defines you as a person than how you plan or prepare for it. To us, that’s what makes Savannah and her story unique and captivating— her ability to adapt, overcome, and pioneer throughout life’s changes.

Hometown FAVORITE PRODUCT Occupation Daily Carry
Cincinnati, Ohio The Redstone Climber & Photorapher Bic Lighter, Lip Balm, Redstone Knife